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Dr. Erickson has published the following papers and chapters:

Selected Original Articles

Erickson LC, Torchiana DF, Schneider E, Newburger JW, Hannan EL. The relationship between managed care insurance and use of lower-mortality hospitals for CABG surgery, JAMA 2000; 283:1976-1982.

Erickson LC, Wise PH, Beiser AS, Cook EF, Newburger JW. The impact of insurance type on utilization of low-mortality hospitals for children undergoing cardiac surgery in California, Pediatrics 2000; 105:1271-1275.

Rhee EK, Evangelista JK, Nigrin DJ, Erickson LC. The impact of isolated secundum atrial septal defect closure on growth in undersized children, Am. J. Cardiol. 2000; 85:1472-5.

Mackie AS, Gauvreau K, Newburger JW, Mayer JE, Erickson LC.  Risk Factors for Readmission After Neonatal Cardiac Surgery, Ann. Thorac. Surg. 2004;78(6):1972-1978.

Other Original Articles

Birk E, Tyndall MR, Erickson LC, Rudolph AM, Roberts JM. Effects of thyroid hormone on myocardial adrenergic b-receptor responsiveness and function during late gestation. Pediatr. Res. 1992; 31:468-73.

Martin RA, Cuniff C, Erickson LC, Jones KL. Pentalogy of Cantrell and ectopia cordis, a familial developmental field complex. Am. J. Med. Genet. 1992; 42:839-41.

Erickson LC, Smith WS, Biswas AK, Camarca MA, Waecker NJ. Streptococcus pneumoniae-induced hemolytic uremic syndrome:  A case for early diagnosis. Pediatr. Nephrol. 1994; 8:211-3.

Erickson LC, Cocalis MW. Ebstein's malformation of the mitral valve:  Association with aortic obstruction. Pediatr. Cardiol. 1995; 16:45-7.

Ralston ME, Pearigen PE, Ponaman ML, Erickson LC. Transient myocardial dysfunction in a child with salicylate toxicity. J. Emerg. Med. 1995; 13:657-9.

Erickson LC, Cocalis MW, George L. Partial anomalous left pulmonary artery:  New evidence on the development of the pulmonary artery sling. Pediatr. Cardiol. 1996; 17:319-21.

Erickson LC, Cocalis MW, Lamberti JJ. An unusual "midseptal" sinus venosus atrial septal defect. Pediatr. Cardiol. 1996; 17:60-2.

Erickson LC, Lopez A, Vlahakes GJ, King ME, Doody DP, Lang P. Massive intrahepatic shunting seen as severe cyanosis after the Fontan procedure in heterotaxy syndrome. Am. Heart J. 1996; 131:608-11.

Bacha EA, Scheule AM, Zurakowski D, Erickson LC, Hung J, Lang P, Mayer JE, del Nido PJ, Jonas RA. Long-term results after early primary repair of tetralogy of Fallot, J. Thorac. Cardiovasc. Surg. 2001;122 (1):154-161.

Clinical reviews and observations

Erickson LC, Cocalis MW. The acute management of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia in children. Pediatr. Rev. 1993; 14:273-4. 

Conwell JA, Cocalis MW, Erickson LC. EAT to the beat:  "Ectopic" atrial tachycardia caused by catheter whip. Lancet 1993; 342:740

Book Chapters

Wernovsky G, Erickson LC, Wessel DL. Cardiac emergencies. In: May HL, Aghababian RV, Fleisher GR, editors. Emergency Medicine. 2nd edn. Boston: Little, Brown and Company; 1992. pp. 1914-1927.

Erickson LC, Elixson EM. Cardiac procedures. In: Todres ID, Fugate JH, editors. A Practice of Pediatric Critical Care. 1996. pp. 74-78.

Lang P, Erickson LC, Elixson EM, Vlahakes GJ, Lopez A. Intensive care following cardiac surgery. In: Todres ID, Fugate JH, editors. A Practice of Pediatric Critical Care. 1996. pp. 213-253.

Erickson LC. Syncope. In: Burg FD, Polin RA, Ingelfinger JR, Wald ER, editors. Current Pediatric Therapy. 16th edn. Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders; 1997.

Erickson LC. Congestive Heart Failure. In: Burg FD, Polin RA, Ingelfinger JR, Wald ER, editors. Current Pediatric Therapy. 16th edn. Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders; 1997.

G Satou, G Herzberg and L. C. Erickson. Congestive Heart Failure. In: Pediatrics (Internet), edited by S. Neish and M. Strafford,   1999.


Erickson LC, Walker R, Fulton DR, Newburger JW. Determinants of length of hospitalization for children admitted with Kawasaki disease to hospitals in New York state. 1999.



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